Double Leaf Roof Hatch

The SRH/DL double door roof hatch is manufactured in aluminium. They can be provided with an optional polyester powder coated finish. Each standard roof hatch is insulated to maintain the thermal integrity of the building.

The gas spring assisted opening lid is supported by heavy-duty aluminium hinges. This also features an integral ‘wrap over’ edge. The hatch incorporates double unbroken EPDM seals. The upstand has a purpose made flashing to accept the roof felt for weatherproofing purposes. Moreover, the hatch incorporates a safety hold open stay feature to prevent accidental closure. Various locking options are available.

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  • Custom made to any size.
  • Insulation U-Value 0.43 W/m2K.
  • Secure aluminum weather tight cover.
  • Designed to support a live load of 40psf.
  • Rw25dB acoustic rated.
  • Optional Powder Coating.
  • Hold open stay feature.

Double Leaf

Double door roof hatch

Double Leaf with
Central Beam

Double leaf Roof Access Hatch

Insulation Options

InsulationU-Value Achieved
2″ Standard insulation0.43 W/m²K
2″ Premium insulation0.37 W/m²K
2″Superior insulation0.20 W/m²K

SRH/DL with Fixed Rain Channel

Surespan can manufacture Double Leaf Roof Hatches with a fixed rain channel. Such option wouldn’t require sequenced opening of the door.

Double Leaf Roof Access Hatch - Premium Roof Hatches | Surespan
Double Door Roof Hatch with Rain Channel

Thermally Broken Roof Hatch

All Surespan Roof Hatches include thermal brakes. Hence the excellent energy conservation properties. This also leads to substantially reduced internal condensation and frost formation.


In addition this reduces thermal conductivity. Consequently the hatch prevents any the heat loss.


Same technology is used in manufacture of Surespan’s Roof Hatches.

Double roof access cover

Special Arrangement Roof Hatches

Large roof hatch

National Oil Well

National Oil Well needed to move large and heavy items of plant in and out of the building. However, there was insufficient space and head room for internal lifting equipment.


In order to address the issue, Surespan designed and supplied a large double leaf roof hatch. This electrically operated unit allows crane access through the roof.

Combined Roof Hatch and AOV
Double roof hatch


Charles Barclay Architects asked Surespan to design and build two sets of hatch doors. One for the roof and one for the front of the Observatory’s two rotating turrets.

Electrically operated doors open with use of  a remote control. The hatch doors are specially designed to open in a specific sequence.

London Architectural Glazing project

Surespan have recently manufactured a unique roof hatch. It has an attached smoke vent. The vent is fully compliant with building standards.

London Architectural Glazing project had a requirement for a huge smoke vent with access.

Therefore we came to a solution which involved combining a roof hatch with a separate vent.

The large 3628 x 1300 electric roof hatch and 1300 x 1218mm AOV unit are combined into one frame.


The curb is 200mm in height. It is manufactured in aluminium.


Also, the curb has a purpose made flashing. This feature allows to accept the roof membrane. This membrane must be supplied by others and fitted under manufacturers instructions.


The hatch can be specified with a gas spring assisted opening or alternatively electric operation. This ensures the ease of use. Thanks to this, very little effort is required to open the lid. The lid locks in the open position. Its safety hold open stay feature prevents against accidental closure.


The cover and upstand are manufactured in aluminium. The unit comes self colour as standard. Nevertheless, it can be provided polyester powder coated to any RAL color. This is an additional option.

Maintenance Guide

There is little maintenance required to the covers but the following will offer trouble free operation. Keep the cover clean, both externally and internally as far as is practically possible.

Also, keep the side channels of the frame free of debris that might prevent the closing of the hatch, and blockage of the frame drainage points.


Periodically check the condition of the sealing strips around the inner perimeter of the frame. These strips act as a compressible seal and cushion for the lid. Wipe clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent solution.


Also, check for damage and replace as necessary. These checks can be done whenever the cover is used and periodically at least once per month.

Gas Spring

Keep it clean and lubricated. Check the gas springs for any signs of wear/ damage and check their smooth


Lubricate the fixing pins at each end of the spring with light machine oil monthly.


Clean/ lubricate the shaft of the springs with a soft cloth wetted with WD40 or light machine oil.


EKeep the main hinges clean and unobstructed and lubricate periodically with WD40 or light machine oil.


Periodically check the correct operation of the latch and panic lever. This item is internally greased and should not require additional lubrication.