Prioritizing Safety with Access: Designing for safe access

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Prioritizing Safety with Access: Designing for safe access & specifying daylight Solutions with Skylights

The specific learning outcomes of our latest seminar, entitled “Access & Escape” are: 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Design and specify access hatches

  2. Understand safe ladder access

  3. Design and specify glass units

  4. Design and specify floor door


Our learning objectives are to provide effective guidance and to help create practical specifications for the safe use of roof hatches, with consideration to the client and the overall project requirements.
We will learn about the essential safety considerations when designing access solutions for commercial and industrial environments, including standard roof hatches and custom roof access solutions. Explore factors such as fall protection, fire safety, acoustic performance, and insulation requirements to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.  
Gain insights into various custom roof access solutions, such as sliding, lift-out, and hinged designs. Understand the benefits, limitations, and practical considerations associated with each design option. Learn how to assess project requirements and specify the most suitable custom access solution based on safety, functionality, and practicality.

Design Large Industrial Floor Access Hatches: Gain a comprehensive understanding of designing large industrial floor access hatches, including loadings, performance criteria, and material considerations. Learn about industry standards for load-bearing capacity, durability, and safety features. Explore different material options and their suitability for specific industrial applications.  
Master the Specification of Glass Skylights: Discover best practices for specifying glass skylights in commercial and industrial projects. Learn about the different types of glass, glazing options, and safety features to consider when integrating skylights into access designs. Understand how to balance natural light transmission, thermal efficiency, and safety requirements when specifying glass skylights.  

  • Instructor

    Rob Fletcher

  • Duration

    1 Hour

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