Climate Innovation District

Climate Innovation District

In the heart of Leeds, the Climate Innovation District is turning a brownfield site into a sustainable living model

Led by Citu, this project includes 516 low-energy homes, embracing Scandinavian-inspired community living and aiming for near Passivhaus environmental standards with the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP).

Citu aims to create a walkable, health-focused area by combining housing with services like healthcare, schools, and a manufacturing plant, contributing to Leeds’ goal for healthier urban living.

The project encourages walking and cycling, enhancing physical, social, and environmental well-being. It features green spaces to improve air quality and social interaction. A key feature is Citu Works, an on-site plant producing up to 750 low-carbon homes yearly, emphasising sustainability and zero-carbon living through natural and technological means.

Digital innovation plays a vital role, with Building Information Modeling (BIM) ensuring buildings’ efficiency and a custom app for residents to control their energy use, promoting a low carbon footprint.


Surespan contributed to the Climate Innovation District by supplying Sunsquare Aero Electric Roof Access Rooflights in custom sizes (3050 x 851mm). These roof lights feature 29.5mm Insulating Glass Units with solar control glazing, comprising a 6mm clear toughened SN70/35 outer pane, a 14mm warm edge spacer bar black (argon-filled with silicone edge seal), and a 9.5mm clear toughened laminated inner pane.

Achieving a U-value of 1.1 and complying with CWCT TN92 for non-fragile glazing, these roof lights are finished in RAL 9005 black externally and RAL 9010 white internally. Each unit has an insulated custom height timber upstand, aligning with the district’s ethos of sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic elegance.

Through the provision of these Sunsquare products, Surespan has played a vital role in enhancing the Climate Innovation District’s environmental performance and living experience, showcasing our ability to deliver high-quality, sustainable access solutions for complex urban developments.

"When designing roof access rooflights for residential projects like the Climate Innovation District, safety and energy efficiency are paramount. The Sunsquare Aero Electric rooflights we supplied feature insulated glazing with a U-value of 1.1 and comply with CWCT TN92 standards for non-fragile glazing, ensuring both thermal performance and the safety of residents accessing their rooftop terraces. The custom sizes and sleek black and white finish seamlessly integrate with the project's sustainable, Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic".

About Surespan

Surespan are pioneers in the design, manufacture, and supply of safe building access and escape solutions. Our portfolio of projects has served different industries worldwide, from Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure projects, Industrial plants, Sports & Entertainment arenas, and much more. Continuously investing in research and development initiatives are key driving forces for Surespan, with the aim to remain relevant in the ever-changing building landscape and customer requirements.

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