Fire Rating Standards for Roof Hatches in the US: A Case for European Compliance

In the United States, building codes such as the International Building Code (IBC) do not typically mandate fire ratings for roof hatches, a reality that often leads local suppliers to forego offering fire-rated options. This oversight fails to adequately consider the robustness of the European BS EN 1634-1 standard and the potential life safety benefits […]

Surespan US team launch Lunch & Learn webinars

Are you a US based architect interested in learning best practices in designing access and escape solutions? Then Surespan’s Lunch & Learn webinars are for you. Creating and delivering key educational modules through digital means has proven to be effective and convenient for many businesses. Webinars are still considered to be the best method to […]

What is a Floor Door?

What Is a Floor Door? A floor door or floor access hatch is a flush mounted door situated in the floor available with an infilled lid to match the surrounding floor or a metal lid.  Surespan Inc are a leading manufacturer of custom floor hatches used in a variety of applications such as: Basement door […]

Bridging Gaps in Floors


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